US-Based Technology Company Okeanos Signs Memorandum of Understanding With Ecuador's Ministry of Environment For Mutual Cooperation on World Stage at COP27

SHARM EL-SHEIKH, EGYPT / ACCESSWIRE / November 11, 2022 / This morning, in the Climate Action Innovation Zone, Florencio Cuétara, CEO of US-based sustainable technology company Okeanos and Ecuador's Minister of Environment, Water and Ecological Transition, Gustavo Manrique signed a Memorandum of Understanding for continued cooperation to mitigate the effects of climate change in Ecuador.

Okeanos' signature technology, Made From Stone, reduces the overall plastic content and CO2 emissions of everyday items through source reduction, replacing the majority of polyolefin plastic with naturally abundant, renewable mineral, calcium carbonate.

Okeanos will work alongside the Ministry of Environment to integrate the technology into the Ecuadorian market through promotion of the use of alternative materials that can affect both the carbon footprint and plastic content, joint communication about the benefits of Made From Stone technology and the promotion and facilitation of research programs and projects that do not affect food sovereignty.

"The private sector can only do so much about plastic pollution without the help of forward-thinking legislatures. We need to pair with Ministries of Environment like Ecuador who understand the need to think outside the box and embrace the use of alternative materials like calcium carbonate. With partners like Ecuador, championing these new solutions, we can start to work together today to ensure a cleaner tomorrow, " explains Okeanos CEO Florencio Cuétara.


Ecuador's incredibly diverse geographical landscape is particularly susceptible to the effects of climate change, with both dry and tropical forests, melting glaciers at higher altitudes, and effects being seen on the famed the Galapagos Islands. As part of the country's Organic Law for the Rationalization, Reuse and Reduction of single-use plastics, the Minister is taking proactive action to secure public/private sector partnerships like this one. With Made From Stone technology, Okeanos can also support the country's plans for decarbonization.

"We have created a linear economic system in which we use natural resources as if they were infinite. We constantly borrow from nature and the worst thing about doing this is that we don't return things back. However, technologies like the one Okeanos (can substitute with Made From Stone) has developed, become an opportunity within this economic system to save the planet and use other natural renewable materials as a formula to find a solution to global challenges. In this circumstances, public-private alliances, becomes very important because it has been proven that we need the private sector in order to find solutions to local and global challenges that we haven't been able to solve on our own," says Minister Gustavo Manrique.

Okeanos Group, Friday, November 11, 2022, Press release picture
Okeanos Group, Friday, November 11, 2022, Press release picture

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