Council on Foreign Relations Proposes Agenda: “Renew America” & Strengthen U.S. Global Influence

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NORTHAMPTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / November 14, 2022 / The United States of America is "in" the world and "of" the world. Where do we stand on global issues - where should we stand on policies and practices (and what should the U.S. "stand for")?

As the COP 27 gathering nears (the Conference on Parties / U.N. climate talks), what are the concerns of the citizens of the U.S. - and what are the concerns of citizens of other nations about the U.S.? Most important, what should our top line domestic concerns be so that the U.S. is well positioned to continue to project influence abroad?

To help answer these questions, G&A Institute monitors the work and the shared perspectives of a good number of organizations, including the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), a leading think bipartisan think tank specializing in U.S. foreign policy and international relations.

CFR set out its "Renewing America" agenda recently, with the noble aims of "fortifying the political, economic, and societal foundations fundamental to national security and international influence" (it's our Top Story selection for you this issue). Nine critical domestic issues are on the agenda.


These are the critical issues that likely keep CEOs and board rooms up at night as they strategize and chart the way forward for their company:

  • energy and climate change [wildfires, severe storms, other extreme events, shifting to cleaner energy and energy efficiency]; the future of the world of work;

  • trade and finance [needed policies, fixing the supply chain];

  • democracy and [public sector] governance [ability to project power];

  • education [and skilled workers, the educated workforce];

  • immigration [and attracting talent for the workforce];

  • infrastructure [investment to address crumbling infrastructure];

  • innovation [R&D, China challenges to U.S. technology]:

  • and, social justice and equity [think: long-term injustice].

On energy and climate change: CFR experts share a "filter" of perspectives on the topics, including the perspectives of the U.S. ambassador on climate, former Secretary of State John Kerry ("COP 27 and International Climate Action - a Conversation").

Other "filtered" perspectives include "How the Inflation Reduction Act Will Help the U.S. to Lead in Clean Energy Economy;" "California Capitalism's Successes and Challenges, and a webinar on "Climate Justice."

If you have not followed the Council on Foreign Relations, the web link we provide will help you to learn more about the topics that we headline above.

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