Submittable's New Give Platform Helps Companies Meet Employee Demand for Corporate Giving

NORTHAMPTON, MA / ACCESSWIRE / November 10, 2022 / Submittable:

Submittable launched its new corporate giving product, allowing companies to quickly meet employee demand for sponsored donation opportunities. Submittable Give creates a fun and engaging donation experience and comes pre-populated with 3,000 trust-worthy nonprofits fully vetted by Global Giving. This newest addition makes the Submittable platform a single, holistic suite for corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs, from employee giving to volunteering to community investment.

Employees show strong preference for corporate giving opportunities, with 71% saying it's important to them, according to an American Charities report. Yet a study by Deloitte shows only 37% participation, in part because existing platforms are hard to use, and opportunities to donate are confusing or untrustworthy. Submittable makes these programs easy, fun, and social for employees, while simplifying employer management and tying to larger CSR initiatives.

"Corporate giving is a true win-win-win, helping companies meet retention, recruiting and culture goals, aligning employee and corporate values, and directly benefiting nonprofits," said Sam Caplan, VP of Social Impact at Submittable. "Technology can help companies struggling with management and participation for their giving programs, and tie into other initiatives like volunteering and community investment to create a stronger, holistic corporate social responsibility initiative."


Submittable's Give platform creates a simpler way to give, replacing forms, spreadsheets and direct payments with a clean, modern interface that integrates with accounting and payroll systems for easy one-time or ongoing deductions.

The platform comes integrated with over 3,000 nonprofits vetted through a partnership with Global Giving and can tie to ongoing volunteering and community investment initiatives. Built-in reporting makes it easy for both admins and employees to see, understand and measure impact, further strengthening engagement.

The new platform enhances the corporate giving experience for new or existing programs through:

  • Fast set-up and easy administration - the software is fast to deploy, and admins can quickly set parameters and permissions, and add partner nonprofit profiles or ERGs.

  • Trusted nonprofits - the software comes pre-populated with a vetted database of 3,000 nonprofits, and employees can search and filter by name or cause, making it easy to align donation goals with a trustworthy recipient.

  • Beautiful social engagement - a clean, easily usable interface makes the platform fun to use; employees can make individual donations, band together on shared goals, or join campaigns to support specific nonprofits or causes.

  • Simple donation - By leveraging payroll deductions, Submittable's giving solution makes it easy for both employees and accounting teams to run your giving programs. Plus, receipts are stored and easily accessible, making taxes a breeze.

  • Future enhancements - the platform will continue to grow and evolve, with upcoming enhancements including corporate matching, digital wallets, dedicated giving credit cards and more.

  • Holistic CSR integration - the Give platform integrates with Submittable's other solutions to create a single suite for launching, managing, and measuring corporate giving, volunteering, community grantmaking, scholarships or fellowships, in-kind donation or sponsorship requests, award programs, and crisis relief programs.

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